just a little more about me

I’m fifty-seven years old. Married, with one child (a daughter) and three cats. A professional writer, and (in recent years) a retail seller of books, Subarus, and men’s coats and suits. Involved with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) since 1970. Presently a member of Omaha Friends Meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative).

walk 13.jpg

This is me being seen off by my neighbors, in May, 2006, at the beginning of my walk from Nebraska to Virginia. That’s my dear wife just to the left of me, with her hand on my arm. The dogs were there in case I refused to go —  (photo by Kurt Johnson, our neighborhood camera dude)

Some respectable accomplishments: I’m a co-founder of Quaker Earthcare Witness, which is the North American Quaker environmental organization. And a former treasurer, in the 1980s, of the Colorado Environmental Coalition, which was at that time an umbrella coalition of many of the big environmental organizations in the state.

And another accomplishment, perhaps not quite so respectable, but I’m glad I did it: In 1993, after my home state of Colorado passed an anti-gay-and-lesbian amendment to its state constitution, and national gay-and-lesbian organizations called for a boycott of conventions in Colorado as an act of protest, and the yearly meeting I belonged to at that time chose to meet in Colorado anyway, I followed a leading to spend the duration of the yearly meeting’s annual sessions on the side of a highway just outside the state line — and, to my surprise, this made national news. (I’ll tell that story more fully some day.)


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