Angela Manno Speaks Out Against Nuclear Power
Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 10:00PM
Marshall Massey in Environmental Politics, Environmental Theology, Practical Efforts, Quaker Environmental Activity

ew cameo.jpg Yesterday, Friend Angela Manno of New York Yearly Meeting (FGC / FUM), contributed a posting to the “earthwitness matters” discussion page here on this site, condemning nuclear energy as an “abomination” and citing her reasons for doing so.

This was an important posting, I believe — particularly because it comes at a time when the winds in Quaker circles seem to be blowing in an opposite direction.

nuclear power plantI might note, for example, that Karen Street — a Pacific Yearly Meeting (unprogrammed) Friend, and one of our best-informed and most active Quaker environmentalists — has been campaigning for nuclear power, both on her blog, A Musing Environment, and at Quaker events, for some years now.

I might also note that Robert (last name unknown), a Friend from Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting (FGC), and like Angela an enthusiastic disciple of Tom Berry and Joanna Macy, began advocating nuclear power on his blog, ecospirit, last month, in an essay titled “The Morality of Nuclear Power”.

Which is the right way to go — nuclear, or non-nuclear? Just speaking for myself, I’m respectful of Karen’s expertise, but my leanings are closer to Angela’s.

Let me encourage those who have thoughts to contribute, to post responses either to Angela’s posting here at this site, to some relevant essay on Karen’s blog, or to Robert’s essay on his own blog.

I believe this is an issue that we, as Friends, need to talk our way through. By posting your insights, and helping us understand one another, you can help move us forward toward unity.

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